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Due to the sky rocketing prices of school buses we are finding that many schools are going to a monthly rental program that saves them a substantial amount of money in comparison to the purchase of buses without the major costs of maintenance.  For more information see the Comparative Analysis Table below.




Leasing Buses                                                                          New Buses  


1)   $1,200 per month for buses no  more                               1)   2009 approximately $90,000 depending

than 10 yrs old which would total $60,000                              on features. (Pricing contemplates new

for a 5 year lease.  Buses will be in excellent                        emission Standards)

condition with new or almost new tires, fully

detailed, and serviced at inception of lease.



2)   You take care of regular maintenance                             2)   You take care of regular maintenance.

(see lease agreement) and small repairs.  We                       (no different than when you lease buses)      

cover any repair costing $1,000 or more per                         However the manufacturer does not offer

item.  We will set up agreements at local shops                    you a replacement bus while yours is being

to perform work in which costs exceed  $1,000                     repaired.  Return on investment is less in    

per item. Also if the repair is going to take awhile               comparing $60K per five year lease vs $90K

we will provide you with a replacement bus.                          with purchase.  No  charge  during  two  summer 
             months (non-calender school months).


3)   Fresh buses after 5 year lease.  Price will                       3)    Also note bus will be depreciated

not change during 5 year lease agreement.  Price                substantially over next 5 years.  Keep in                   

will  be subject to inflationary price hike after                      mind the abuse to the bus on rough country  
5 year term NOT during 5 year term.                                    roads, thus significantly affecting the

                                                                                                 useable life of the bus.


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